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Chico Based Business

Because we have had almost 17 years of unmatched experience and show quality with over 7000 shows done in the Northern California Area, we make it easy and keep it simple when you call our friendly phone assistant (booking agent) to book your important show even if it’s at the last minute. Our Booking Agent will assist you in choosing the best entertainer(s) and cater it to your type of show. We will go over all the details with you. Especially if this is your first time being the “host” of this type of event with traveling professional exotic dancers, we will assist you so that everything runs smoothly and your guest are VERY IMPRESSED.
CALL NOW!!……..Call Now For $ Prices Today! A Booking Agent Is On Duty 24 HRS!! Repeat Customers and Customers giving referrals get special rates!!

You can even book a show with a hot Chico Stripper the last minute.


How To Book a stripper show with Marquise Entertainment


When choosing a female dancer for your show, get on our New 2013 Home Page and click on the dancer of your choice. Each dancer has many currently updated photos for you to review. Make your selection, decide upon your show date and start time, and call us immediately. After getting your show date and start time, our booking agent will go over your selections and let you know which dancers are available.


It is always best to call us and pre-book your dancer(s) in advance. This will insure a better chance of booking who you have selected, especially during a busy week end. We suggest 2-3 weeks in advance of your show date. However, we can still always get a dancer at the last minute and any given day.


Customers may choose their method of payment for their show. We accept cash and all major credit cards. Our booking agent will give you more details when you call Today! (Shows outside of Chico require a reasonable security deposit and have travel fees)



All pre-booked shows need to be cancelled at least one week prior to the date of your event to not be charged a cancellation fee or forfeit your deposit.


Marquise Entertainment almost always require a credit card deposit to book your show if it is outside of the CHICO area. Security deposits are usually about 50% of the total cost of the event. Exceptions can only be made by Lee Jones – Company Owner, Booking Agent and Party MC (Since 1996).


We can always book last minute shows. We are a 24 hour, Mobile, Professional Exotic Entertainment Company. An agent is always on duty to assist you on any last minute bookings. On all last minute/same day bookings, we cannot always guarantee that your first choice of dancers will be available. It gets very busy especially on the weekends. We will do our best to accommodate you.


It is California State Law that anyone who attends any event involving Adult, Exotic Entertainment must be at 18 years of age. We require that the person who books the show assist us in enforcing this rule. If a performer or the MC feels that any individual stands out and appears to be underage, we reserve the right to ask that individual to present the proper valid I.D. If the individual and/or individuals cannot present proper I.D. or refuses, then they will be asked to leave before the show can continue.


A private residence or business is the most preferable place to facilitate your show for many reasons. It makes it much more enjoyable for your guest and comfortable for the dancers to perform at their highest ability. To start, we need a close-by, safe and adequate place to park our company vehicle so that we can unload our equipment and enable the dancers and MC to begin getting ready to start the show. A private room with power and access to a bathroom is a must for the dancers to change and get ready. The performance area selected, such as a living room, private hall, enclosed patio, private office area etc, must have adequate electrical outlets for our MC to be able to plug our sound and lighting equipment into. Usually, we only need two or three outlets at most. A single sturdy, non-swiveling chair can be placed in the middle for the bachelor, birthday person, etc so the dancers can focus on that person when the show starts and the dancer(s) begins each one of their sets. Chairs or couches should be place in a circle around the boundaries of the performance area so that the dancers can go out into the crowd and do their acrobatic lap dances for tips and entertain the audience. It is always helpful to have carpeting or a piece of roll-out carpet in performance area so that the dancers can be comfortable and perform at their highest ability without getting injured. We ask that our designated changing room remain private so that our dancers can safely get ready and secure their equipment. Doing shows outside in the open is not encouraged for obvious reasons. Also to keep everyone comfortable, it greatly helps to have working fans or an AC to reduce the heat generated from the summer weather and/or from many party guests confined in a small area.


If you choose to hold your event in one of the above listed locations, we ask that you formally request permission from either facility owner or manager before booking the show. Any Marquise Entertainment Shows scheduled to be performed in an “Open Bar” or “Restaurant” can only be done if the owner/manager is going to close the facility to the public and make it a “private invite only”. Our shows may be performed at a bar/restaurant (when open to the public) as long as it is performed in a “closed private room” away from public viewing.

HOUSE BOAT PARTIES with Hot Chico Strippers:

Over the last 17 Years, we have performed several hundreds of house boat parties on Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville, Trinity Lake, Bullards Bar Reservoir and Others. We have been able to come up with a well thought out and very successful method for putting on house parties that give our clients an absolutely amazing experience set in a breath-taking environment. Please call our office for important details. These types of shows require a bit more planning and coordination from all participants.


Once you have selected your dancers and your show has officially been booked, has been finalized by you and our booking agent, there can be no changes of dancers unless the owner or management of Marquise Entertainment agrees to make any line-up changes.

TIPPING POLICY (Dollars, Credit Cards and PARTY FAVOR Tickets)

Our dancers at Marquise Entertainment train and perform very passionately to entertain our valued customers. Tipping really does make your party much more enjoyable and exciting for the audience! The dancers have been known to stay even longer when the tipping continues. Tips are earned but not expected. To make the show more exciting and crowd interactive, tipping can take place in the numerous forms. The three forms are cash, cash advances on credit cards, and PARTY FAVOR tickets which can be easily and quickly purchased at all of our shows. Our PARTY FAVORS tickets are a trade-marked item exclusively sold only at Marquise Entertainment Shows. They are an extremely popular, crowd-interactive item and one of the most exciting features of our fantastic shows. PARTY FAVORS tickets are explained and sold, along with change and credit card advances, by our party MCs at the beginning and during every show. The current PARTY FAVORS available ONLY at Marquise Entertainment shows are the following: Feed the Kittys, Body Shots, Party Ass Whippings, Kitty Showers. Call for more details.


Marquise Entertainment provides our valued clients with great customer service and professional dancers and MC’s. The person(s) who contacted and officially booked the show (and/or management/owner of residence of show location) is responsible for the conduct of their attending guest whether they know them or not. If at any time during the duration of the event our entertainers and/or MC feel threatened or harassed by any crowd misconduct from any person(s) in the audience, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the show with no refunds and leave immediately. Typical misconduct includes hitting, grabbing, slapping groping, harassing, soliciting, or directing abusive language at the dancers or party MC. Also photographing the dancers during their fully nude sets, displaying illegal drugs or being overtly belligerent are other examples. Don’t be the person who ruins it for everyone else. You honestly can’t go wrong with being friendly, nice and cool to our Marquise staff members and all other party guests. Our shows are an absolute blast! We want everyone to have a safe and fantastic time.


If you have any last minute changes in your show booking time, city, date, location, or any other changes, please call the office so that our booking agent can try to accommodate you.


There is a travel fee charged for all shows booked outside of the Chico area. The travel fee is based on the travel distance and/or additional difficulties in traveling from CHICO. Please call our booking agent for estimates or actual travel fees.